The Alaska Club - The Way Fitness Should Be With Pictures of People Working Out

Boutique Studios Fragmenting the Market

The Alaska Club is a full-service fitness center, with a broad array of equipment, classes and facilities. Its members are consistently offered fresh, new activities, which can motivate them to maintain their fitness regimens.
But with niche fitness boutiques moving into the market (Pilates, Crossfit, yoga, etc.), The Alaska Club’s prospective member base was at risk. Spawn Ideas was asked to remind current and potential members of the advantages of a broader range of fitness offerings and wellness services.

Turn an Obstacle Into an Opportunity

In previous advertising, it was difficult to show the vast array of equipment, facilities and amenities offered by The Alaska Club. Yet for this campaign, this problem became a key message.

How? By tying the campaign to music and focusing on the sounds of a visit to The Alaska Club. Against a backdrop of up-tempo music, the ads highlight the diverse activity going on during any given workout. There are sounds from the treadmills, music from group fitness classes, basketballs bouncing, shoes squeaking, weights clanking and more. These familiar sounds formed the basis of the spots – creating a unique soundtrack to every member’s workout.


This campaign spoke to people in an exploring mode (find a refresher on mode here). Niche fitness boutiques can support this mode by offering new and different experiences but, ultimately, these experiences are limited and specialized.

The Alaska Club campaign effectively touted the value of variety.

The Alaska Club - Composite Graphic of Women Working Out

A Message That Resonates

A member’s view: “I’m not one-dimensional and neither is my fitness routine. This is my journey – I need someone who will come along with me, support me and keep it fresh. The Alaska Club’s variety keeps me motivated and excited about fitness.”

The Alaska Club - Composite Image of Men Working Out