What’s Trending: YouTube Six Second Stories and Millennial Dads

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Embracing the six-second video

In April of 2016, YouTube announced the 6-second Bumper ad, which is unskippable and better suited to mobile viewers. Brands and agencies have been resistant to this shorter format, so YouTube is promoting the shorter format by turning it into a contest.

It began at Sundance, with 5 video “haikus” from agencies and 5 from filmmakers. Now you can see the Six Second Storytelling challenge from SXSW that tells classic stories in 6 seconds.

Early tests have shown the shorter format shows better recall, and the format forces marketers to build campaigns mobile first.

Don’t assume you’re talking to Mom

YouTube released results Monday of a study it did on Millennial parents. As the oldest millennials reach 40, more than 40% identify as parents, and they’re not following the stereotypical gender roles.

  • 86% of millennial dads turn to YouTube for advice on parenting topics; Dads are more likely than Moms to look for parenting guidance on YouTube.
  • 65% of all millennial parents watch YouTube to share parts of their own childhood with their children.
  • 44% had lied to their employer about family responsibilities.

Dads are taking a more active role in parenting.

Millennial dads look for parenting guidance on youtubeThe 2017 Modern Families Index shows that fathers see themselves as actively involved in childcare.

  • 53% of millennial fathers seek less stressful jobs when they become parents.
  • 48% say they’d take a pay cut for better work-life balance.

Audi is a great example of a brand that is thinking creatively about dads and daughters, and pushing messaging empowers women and fathers, and starts a candid conversation.