What’s Trending: Week of 2.27.2017

amazon web services outage grapic

Amazon’s AWS Out For Over 3 Hours

Yesterday Amazon’s web hosting service, Amazon Web Services (AWS) was out for over three hours, causing disruptions in service for a wide range of sites, from Amazon itself, Reddit, and some that affected us: Slack and Giphy.

This affected millions of homes that use smart devices, since most IoT devices use cloud based data stored in Amazon’s data centers around the world.

Amazon cites their actual uptime at 99.99%, but if you’re starting to look at health-related IoT devices and access to your own home, is that enough?
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The most controversial topic of all: is it a hard G or is it soft like J? GIF is an acronym from graphic interchange format. Stands to reason that would make it a hard G, and even the White House has weighed in, decreeing in 2013 that it’s GIF.
But Steve Wilhite, inventor of the format, says it’s a soft G, saying only, “It is a soft ‘G,’ prounounced ‘jif.’ End of story. The OED, the ultimate authority on the English language, accepts both pronunciations.

The important thing to remember is that, whichever way you’re saying it, you’re probably wrong.

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