What’s Trending: The Pokémon Craze, Showcase Shopping, & Snapchat Memories 7/20/2016

Pokemon go: sponsored locationsAugmented Reality sells: Free Pokémon Go app is raking in Millions

Augmented Reality got a huge boost last week with the release of Pokémon Go. The mobile app became the highest download of the week, surpassing Twitter, Snapchat, Google Maps, and Facebook in terms of daily users. Even though the app is free, it’s estimated to bring in 1.6 million dollars a day from in-app purchases.
Niantec, the firm responsible for the app, says that in addition to in-app sales, it will begin allowing advertising in the form of sponsored locations. Brands will sponsor Gyms and pay Niantec based on traffic to the site. McDonalds is set to be the first sponsored retailer- debuting 3,000 Gyms in Japan this week.

SearchGoogle: Showcase shoppable adsGoogle changes the game for SEM with “Showcase Shopping”

Google says 44% of users cited images playing a roll in their online shopping experience. To capitalize on that, Google is expanding it’s sponsored ads (SEM) to be more image-based, merging SEM and Creative.
After finding that most searches are made of vague keywords, Google has constructed a platform that will allow brands to select an image that is showcased based on the associated keywords. When the shopper clicks on the showcased image, they will be redirected to a retailer sponsored page within Google with details about the product, the retailer company, and additional similar products for sale. Social mediaSnapchat memories: store snaps on phoneSnapchat: losing its religion, finding another

Snapchat, in a move that steps away from the app’s identity as the host of ephemeral content, created a new feature called Memories that allows users to save their snaps within the app. It also allows users to upload photos and video from their camera roll, so that content not originally created in Snapchat can be added to users’ stories.
This change will allow users and brands to retarget their audience by replaying of the best performing memories, but it also allows users to add other contributors’ content to their stories and customize the way that it plays.