What’s Trending: Facebook Algorithm, Mobile Pop-up Ads and More 08/25/2016

Nike, Google, Olympics ads

facebook algorithm changesFacebook updates its algorithm again – targets Publishers

Facebook has updated its algorithm again. This time the changes focus on prioritizing internal content and limiting traffic away from the site. This change reduces the exposure of Publishers’ content. This is huge because as much as 40% of publishers’ traffic comes from the site. If they want to continue promoting their external content, a publisher will now have to pay for the reach. Experts also expect to see an increase in the price of regular paid Facebook advertising.

To learn more about how this change will affect your brand, read on.

instagram ads comment filters to reduce spamInstagram allows comment filtering to reduce spam

Instagram has been testing a new feature out on some ‘verified accounts’ (ie celebrities and some brands) that allows the account to filter out comments.

Restrictions can be placed on the account for phrases, such as “Sign-up”, to limit comments that are deemed to be spammy or negative towards the audience or brand.  This comes after a focus on negativity and unfortunate slang terms in user comments.

The feature is expected to roll out to all users later this fall.
native advertising, sponsored contentDigital Education: Sponsored Content vs Native Advertising

Sponsored content and native advertising content both seek to blend into the host website, but there are key differences in their strategies:

Brands pushing sponsored content work to be thought leaders. The content is not brand-based and serves as an outlet to inform or advise consumers. Native content is brand aware, and promotes the brand. It include articles, videos, or infographics that prominently display the brand. Read more on how most advertisers are using native here.

Google, NIke, Olympics AdsThe most ‘memorable’ Olympic ads – according to Google

Google tracked the amount of product searches during TV commercial airplay and used consumer surveys to determine which Olympic ads consumers were able to best recall.

Unsurprisingly, their findings were that ads from big Olympic spenders Nike, McDonalds and Under Armor had the largest impact on viewers. Nike’s ‘Unlimited’ Campaign was rated the very most memorable. Read more here.

SearchGoogle, Pop-up mobile adsMaintaining SEO: Get rid of your page’s mobile pop-up ads.

Google announced that in early January 2017 it will begin penalizing sites that include mobile pop up advertising. The algorithm ranks these pages, called “interstitials”, lower than sites without pop-ups, in turn impacting their search rankings. The change, meant to improve user experience, is attempting to do away with pesky ads that cover up content.

Google suggests that sites that will be impacted by loss of revenue from these ads work instead to improve their content. The company wont penalize pages with gated landing pages.brave brand, bacardi, google incognito, electronic musicGoing Incognito, and for good reason

This week Bacardi teamed up with electronic musician Goldroom to target Millennial Chrome users who surf the web in ‘incognito’ mode.  Incognito, a service offered by Google on Chrome, offers users an experience where they are virtually untrackable and can’t be retargeted by ads. However, Bacardi went directly after those users, and created a specific landing page and “backstage access” version of Goldroom’s website that only incognito users can view. Within the backstage version are 10 hidden VIP tickets for a show, sponsored by Bacardi. The beverage company says its one in a series of moves to shift away from TV advertising and target a younger generation via out-of-the-box thinking.