Very few of us were born in Alaska. We came here for various reasons but the common thread is choice. We stepped off the plane, looked around and fell in love. And found a great place to work with a diverse, inclusive and creative team that doesn’t compromise career or lifestyle. Are we lucky or what? Whether born here or transplanted, we appreciate the incredible culture, both in Alaska and at Spawn Ideas. If you want to love your work – and your life – we’re the place to be.


Current Positions

Digital Intern

Digital Intern supports Digital Team in execution of digital projects, e.g. website builds, mobile applications, social media strategy, website analytics and SEO/SEM reports. Potential intern should have experience or desire to learn about social media and digital technologies.

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Spawn Ideas is not your average creative internship. We don’t need our floor scrubbed or coffee delivered to our desks (though caffeine is never turned away). We need someone who will actually do the work. You’ll be working on projects right alongside the rest of the creative team and will be looked to for design solutions, creative concepts and the occasional brilliant idea. We want you to leave this internship with a couple pieces for your portfolio that make you proud (That is, of course, if you ever leave. A good portion of our office started here as interns!).

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Media Planner & Buyer

We are growing and looking for an experienced Media Planner/Buyer. Our clients span categories including financial, tourism, QSR, telecom, and healthcare. Ideal candidate has 3+ years experience planning and placing multi-media campaigns.

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